Monophone 2011 featuring The Trees And The Wild

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Good evening fellow gig going Federalites. Neighbouring city Jakarta’s current buzz band, The Trees And The Wild are coming over to town to play at Monophone 2011 this March 11th in Lim Kok Wing.

The Trees And The Wild, the Indonesian trio that Time Magazine recently dub as one of the  “five names to listen out for in 2011”, will be bringing their brand of folk-ish music to Monophone 2011, “an Art theme park for everyone who enjoy art and music”. Now in it’s second installment, Monophone 2010 last year featured the popular Indo punk band, Netral.

Checkout this video of The Trees And The Wild playing their song “Our Roots” , a song of theirs that surfaces a strong traditional feel from start to finish, with Keroncong sounding guitar licks and traditional hymn like vocals.

Trees And The Wild “Berlin”

The Trees And The Wild will also be playing in the Mosaic Music Festival happening in Singapore mid March. Checkout the Myspace page of The Trees And The Wild here for more songs of theirs, and the homepage of Monophone 2011 here.