New era for Bittersweet

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We’ve all heard the rumors that Pijie (Vocalist) and Hafiz (Guitarist) has left Bittersweet. Rumors aside, here’s an excerpt from the horses’ mouth.

Where’s pijie? Where’s Hafiez
We apologize for not telling fans sooner. But yes, it’s true that Pijie and Hafiz have left the band indefinitely. The mutual reason was that both of them decided that they didn’t want to do music anymore and felt that it was time to move on with their lives. We are still friends and we respect their decision as, in the end, it was a mutual decision that the band and our music must go on. Bittersweet shall still remain playing nonetheless despite this small bump in our long journey ahead.
Thank you for supporting us and please keep on supporting the band..

Replacing Pijie and Hafiz are Fizan (Vocals) and Moon (Guitars).

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