New Music: Besok Bubar – Besok Mati

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Still don’t believe our theory that grunge is making a comeback? Well, not only are all things grunge happening here in Malaysia, but it looks like our neighbours Indonesia have bitten the bug as well. Further proof to our theory is the very recently released 2nd album from Jakarta grunge warriors Besok Bubar (what a brilliant name, don’t you think?) on, of all places, famed indie pop label Paviliun Records (who released stuff by Efek Rumah Kaca, The Dying Sirens, Dear Nancy, Clover etc).

The first single from their new album is Besok Mati, a pretty groovy and rockin’ heavy grunge tune, with strong doses of stoner rock riffage mixed in to make it quite an exciting listen. Check out their official website for more info, and you can also download their 2nd single “Coklat” from there too.