Noteworthy acts from past Vans Musicians Wanted (Malaysia)

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As we get to the middle of the Vans Musicians Wanted 2020 competition, we decided to look back and reminisce the times before COVID19, when the campaign included a live performance element. The live performance aspect of it saw the competition travel across various states across Malaysia, giving a stage to local bands in those states.

We spoke to our events manager, Shaffiq Ahmad, who was in the midst of it all, on other noteworthy acts that left a strong impression and are still actively performing actively at local shows.

K Clique

Malaysian hip-hop crew first surfaced into our radar during the VMW competition and even then we knew they had something special. Their performance during the final round in Sabah sent the audiences in a frenzy, and as Shaffiq puts it, “Boom!”.


Pop punk outfit Hacktick!, joined the competition twice, reaching the live performance stage both times. The band’s performance set at the 2019 VMW competition was memorable, and fueled with teen-angst vibes combined with a sense of overjoy.

Youth Portal

Semi-finalists during the 2018 campaign, Youth Portal’s set was filled with chill-lazed indie tunes that got the audiences grooving and wanting more of their set.


One of the flag bearers of the nusantara-rock sound, Margasatwa’s live sets is always entertaining and chaotic. The band ran amok with the right combination of melodies from their instruments, topped of with a front man howling lyrics in Malay.


A finalist for VMW 2019, the experimental rock band SaJE really put on a show that evening. While others were performing their songs, SaJE told stories through the intricate sounds and arrangement of their set.

Thy Regiment

Another finalist from VMW2019, this Kuala Lumpur based hardcore / metal band gave their all during the performance, reminding the audiences why they’ve been on stage for so long.

Vans Musicians Wanted 2020 is still open for submissions, click here and submit your demo!