Oddsac, a new film by Animal Collective and Danny Perez

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Animal Collective recently worked with experimental video artist Danny Perez, to come up with Oddsac, a 53 minute experimental film. A reviewer whom managed to catch Oddsac’s screening at Sundance film festival had this to say

“Animal Collective and frequent collaborator Danny Perez created a very colorful movie that entirely lacks a plot, but is a series of musical and visual motifs to make a whole, an album with pictures.”


“A wall spews tar as a woman fruitlessly tries to suppress it. A man with a glittery face and gauze wrapped on his head plays an autoharp where no autoharp has business playing. A family of four consumes roasted marshmallows, which then grotesquely consumes them; then, they in turn are consumed by a sad vampire, whom earlier in the film captained a lone canoe.”

Now thats trippy (even when you’re sober!)


ACScreens by user482219

Click here to purchase Oddsac.

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