Prognosis: Death! @ My Evo Clubhouse, Pandan Indah, 23/10

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Metalcore is one of those genres that we here at The Wknd are not particularly big fans of, unless you’re the band “Prognosis: Death!”, that is. We first caught them playing one of their first shows at a sparsely attended gig at the MCPA Hall about 2 years ago and was promptly blown away by their deft blend of stoner rock and southern rock licks into that whole metalcore sound. The boys are holding a release party for their EP “We’re Still Swingin” this Saturday, 23rd October, supported by their friends like Asthalin, Arheum Revert, Avalon’s Whisper and loads more.

Show starts at 1pm, 23rd October 2010 at My Evo Clubhouse, Pandan Indah (near Menara MPAJ). Admission is RM10.

Also check them out on Facebook and Myspace.