Tamatlah Sudah

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Tamatlah Sudah

That’s it folks, the end of our 6th season! It’s been a great ride so far for all of us here at The Wknd, and hopefully it won’t end anytime soon. If you like the show, you can purchase the recordings from our official store, and FYI, the lion’s share from the sales actually goes to the artist. So your support is very much needed (also to keep us afloat).

We’ll be heading back into the studio, sometime in September or October 2012. Until then, we will be involved in a couple of projects, which we will announce soon. If you like what we are doing, do tell your friends about us.

Kami juga ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk meminta maaf dari hujung keyboard ke hujung monitor, jika ada kecacatan dan kesilapan dari pihak kami. 

The Wknd