TAPAUFEST – the first crowdfunding festival in Malaysia

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UPDATE: As of yesterday (28/5/2014), TAPAUfest has successfully met its funding target!

If you haven’t heard of TAPAUfest yet, something tells me that you will soon.

Initially, “Tapau” is a series of rockumentary projects that started  in 2009 by a bunch of ingenious, creative enthusiasts of IkanPaos Kolektif, which takes you on the road with musicians to their favorite hidden spots across Malaysia to appreciate their music and share the story behind it. There’s a serious dearth of platforms like this and it is only a matter of time before the local community stands up and takes notice. Two years after its inception, IkanPaos Kolektif took another giant leap by hosting the first TAPAUfest in 2012 but due to an alleged funding shortfall, the festival had to be called off. However, they managed to pull off a smaller scale gig called “TAPAU Secret Show” backed up with performances by highflying musicians such as Narmi, The Impatient Sisters, Oh Chentaku, AG Coco and Yuna that earned them respect and positive feedback from the social media network.

This year, with a thicker skin and professional resilience, the team decided to bounce back with a renewed sense of confidence, optimism and deepened commitment to making this TAPAUfest passion a dream come true in realizing how many people believed in the project as much as they do — working on it selflessly since the last two years, putting everything they’ve got to the edge.

A week ago, IkanPaos Kolektif announced the launch of two of their biggest projects; TAPAUtv – a free online indie TV that aims to capture and represent Malaysia’s creative youth community and TAPAUfest – the first crowdfunding festival in Malaysia that showcases and celebrates the best in young Malaysian creative talents — a simple yet powerful concept in which presents an edgy yet exciting festival atmosphere incorporating crowdfunding both as a source of capital and as a tool for connecting youth in reinforcing the festival’s interactive allure.

Ranged from PENTAS; musical performances by 10 local acts and traditional show, BENGKEL; an informative workshop, WARUNG; the best of Penang street food, LAYAR; an exhibition and screening from local artists and filmmakers, and last of all PASAR; that features a wide variety of vendors selling “lolakalah” (local) brands, TAPAUfest devotes to celebrate the flavorful mix of Malaysian identity and culture at the same time providing opportunities for participation amongst the community, specifically youth, by pledging for the festival with a minimum of RM 25 each via pitchIN, crowdfunding initiative otherwise known as the Kickstarter for Malaysia.

The campaign will run for the period of 30 days, to reach their pitchIN target of RM85,000 (a minimum of 3400 pledges worth RM25 within 30 days) starting from 28th April 2014 (Monday) and ending on 27th May 2014 (Tuesday).

The results of pitchIN will be known and announced instantly at the end of campaign at 12am on 28th May 2014 (Wednesday) by which they have about 3 weeks to either set up at the venue or try again next year.

If they succeed in gaining the funds in achieving the target value, the festival will be held on the 14th June 2014 (Saturday) at the Quarry Park of Penang Botanical Garden and both IkanPaos Kolektif and pitchIN will be celebrating the birth of their first biggest project to date.

However, if they fail, every single penny will be returned to the pledgers by pitchIN.

The contribution towards this campaign would go a long way in supporting young creative talents and in promoting Malaysian creative industry hence it’s only fitting that we look back to the community that we serve and cater to, to come out and support each other.

We here at The Wknd honestly think it’s a strong movement benefiting many aspiring creative talents. There should be plenty of people who would wanna see this happen. Support their initiative. Be a part of their journey to create history.

Make your pledge here.

Did you know? In 1982, Patrick Teoh managed to raise RM300,000 via People’s Live Telecast Fund by getting Malaysian football fans to donate RM1 each, for extra live telecast matches of the World Cup on RTM. The target fund was RM60,000. The result was priceless.

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Ikanpaos Kolektif