Tenderfist And Seni Pekik

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Kota Kuala Lumpur is high with anticipation for tonight’s Whitest Boy Alive show, especially amongst indie music fans. And the outfit handpicked by Erlend Øye to build that anticipation even more by opening for them also has support by the tasteful Seni Pekik, local label runned by  the art-rockers of Akta Angkasa.

In Juice magazine’s recent JUICE’s 2011 Predictions : The Music Edition, local DJ XesXesLoveseat expressed his support and expectation for the band Tenderfist this year, but there has been a misinformed statement about the lo-fi outfit being signed to legendary label, SubPop. XesXesLoveseat has clarified that what he really meant was Tenderfist is a band capable of being signed to a label of such stature. Well, the much loved Tenderfist still is in good hands. Don’t miss their show, opening for Whitest Boy Alive tonight as they feature yet again another interesting collaboration with Hana, the former Lucy In The Loo frontwoman.

Click here to head to the homepage of SeniPekik.