The Pigeonhole: Au revoir

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by Liyana Zamzuri

Located in the outskirts of the Lion City, lies an eclectic book café and dynamic arts space – The Pigeonhole. Conceptualised by a young couple, Ave Chan & Rayner Lim, it’s an embodiment of all the things that they like; books and art, a good drink and supporting arts and civil society in Singapore. The Pigeonhole is also a crucible of sort, where you can witness the gathering of artists, of thinkers, of creative people who have interesting desires and pursuits. Having the luxury of space, the duo plan and collaborate on events to sustain a crowd, selling coffee helps but they knew that they had to do something to keep it going. The atmosphere of the place is certainly electric where people can just escape from the buzzling city and chill out.

However, all good things must come to an end. It’s really unfortunate that they had to move out of their current premises mainly due to financial issues. They have reached the decision that it would not be feasible to continue in the current location. As for now they’re looking for a new suitable and reasonable place to continue, if that doesn’t happened then, The Pigeonhole will continue to live virtually.

People are always afraid of doing things. If you keep thinking of what doesn’t work, then you’ll trap forever doing nothing. Dive with both feet and do it,” – co-owner Rayner Lim