Tribute to P Ramlee compilation

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It’s surprising that it’s taken this long, but finally Malaysian legend P Ramlee gets a proper, full-on tribute album. An initiative by XFM and Astro (and in keeping with the times), it’s quite unfortunate that the ‘compilation’ will get a digital-only release, which means that there’ll be no fancy cover art and booklet of essays and liner notes for us to pore over. Titled “P Ramlee… Dimanakan Ku Cari Ganti: Satu Indiepretasi”, even a cursory glance at the tracklisting should whet anyone’s appetite. Check it out below:

  1. Hujan – Tunggu Sekejab
  2. Seven Collar T-Shirt – Jangan Tinggal Daku
  3. Altimet (feat Imran Ajmain) – Maafkan Kami
  4. Awanband (feat Che Mat) – Malam Bulan Di Pagar Bintang
  5. Monoloque – Tiada Kata Secantik Bahasa
  6. One Buck Short – Pok Pok Bujang Lapok
  7. Pesawat – Ai Ai Twist
  8. Pop Shuvit – Aci Aci Buka Pintu
  9. They Will Kill Us All – Sepanjang Riwayatku
  10. Yuna – Gelora Jiwa
  11. Grey Sky Morning – Malam Pesta Muda Mudi
  12. Couple – Menche Che Bujang Lapok
  13. Subculture – Bunyi Gitar
  14. Bittersweet – Getaran Jiwa
  15. AG & Co (feat Azlan Typewriter) – Jeritan Batinku
  16. Kugiran D’Tepi Pantai – Nujum Pak Belalang
  17. Meet Uncle Hussein (feat Hazama) – Ya Habibi Ali Baba

The 18th act on the compilation is a sort of ‘supergroup’ called The Ramlees which features Liyana Fizi, Najwa, Mira (from Tilu) and Yuna! You can listen to the songs starting 25th October on XFM, Era FM, Sinar FM and THR Gegar.

[UPDATE] Click here to view the ringtone codes and digital download details