We Don’t Stop, A Hip-Hop Documentary

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We Don't Stop, A Hip-Hop Documentary

Hip-hop has been around for almost 30 years now, but the waves of beats and breakdancing came crashing in Malaysia in the late 80’s – early 90’s with acts like Krash Kozz, NICO, 4U2C and KRU, and were naturally treated as outcasts by the mainstream media at first (but were still favorites to the younger generation). But the genre truly peaked in the mid to late 90’s, with ‘power houses’ such as Naughties Maximus, Poetic Ammo, Too Phat, Teh Tarik Crew et al, that truly took it to another level.

We Don’t Stop, a Hip-Hop documentary made by the folks at EC Inspirasi, is archiving this movement and genre, through interviews with some of the current industry players, and below are excerpts from the documentary.

We’re unsure if it’s going to be a full length documentary, or just short web clips, but we hope they get to find and interview the early Malaysian pioneers of the genre, and talk about how the movement expanded in their early years. Veteran Malaysian muso journalist, Adly Syairi, seemed to have figured it out in his article here, but we would love to see footages, photos etc of those early days.

Either way, head over here to find out more on EC Inspirasi