Yuna’s US Album Preview

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We can’t deny that Subang Jaya has brewed many musicians and artists, and it’s biggest export, Yuna, is one fine example. Having released her first single ‘Live Your Life’ a couple of months back under US based Fader Label, and her appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show, your ears can now take a peek at what her debut album will sound like.

Though its unfair to judge an album by listening to 58 – 60 seconds of each track, this self titled album seems like a record that you’d wind down / chillax to, we hope she releases remixed versions too (most of the tracks on the album seems like it’s setup up for that). Dig this though, mentions on twitter by various US artist (most notably, Tyler the Creator from hip hop collective Odd Future) seems like this record will sink well with the masses.

There is no official date on a Malaysian release yet, so check her official website for updates.

Spin it below