Zee Avi Reminisces Hometown Sarawak With ‘Mee Kolok Sigek’

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Like a Yasmin Ahmad film or a Lat cartoon, Zee Avi’s new song, sang in Sarawakian dialect, captures the simple but sentimental things that are daily. Only this time, in the lives of Sarawakians. The songstress from Miri performed the song to audiences in Borneo Convention Center Kuching during the launch of the 2011 Youth Assembly last weekend, where she was awarded the International Youth Icon award by the state and an even more special though unofficial Hornbill feather by the people.

Shown much love by Kuching audiences in this video, applauding and cheering to everything familiar and sentimental in the song, Zee Avi fans wait in much anticipation for another release that we hear is in the works.

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