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Lee Lee Allen & Kyoto Protocol Jam Session

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There have always been waves of mania surrounding famous icons and when it comes to pop music fans, good lord — there’s no one quite as vicious as fan girls. Some would scramble for the attention from their favorite star beyond all measure and Lee Lee Allen is no exception.

Last week, we were at Warner Music (Malaysia) Studio to witness Lee Lee Allen giving a small token of appreciation for her favorite Brit-pop star no other than Lily Allen of course, to celebrate the recent album release of ‘Sheezus’ by performing a cover of her hit single ‘Air Balloon’ alongside whacky rock ‘n’ roll band, Kyoto Protocol which drew mixed reactions from the crowd – including us! (trust me we’re still processing it) Sometimes though, in the midst of it all you catch yourself wondering: can celebrity obsession go too far?

Prepare yourself for this little surprise we’ve set for ya!

Eager to know what you think. Watch the video here:

by Izyan Liyana