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Tortoise Live in Kuala Lumpur (Interview)

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Our resident journalist, Azam Hisham and our team were thrilled to be given the chance to speak to Doug McCombs, bassist and one of the founding members of Chicago instrumental post-rock pioneer, Tortoise right before they hit the stage in Kuala Lumpur.

Tortoise may not be the world’s biggest-selling band but they’re widely credited as being one of the prime forces behind the development and popularity of the post-rock movement. During the interview, Doug shed some light on Tortoise and why they opted to remain low-key in the world of contemporary music, explaining that the band’s output is not characterized by the acclamations of them being pioneer rather to continue making records which are imperative to them just like what they’ve been doing for over the past two decades.

by Izyan Liyana
Special thanks to Mak Wai Hoo of Soundscape Records