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Upfront with Mac Demarco

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One of the latest buzz bands out of Montreal, Canada, Mac Demarco and his band of brothers have been touring extensively for the past year, playing numerous shows and big name festivals across the globe. Their live shows are always filled with jokes and one-liners that is carefully balanced (not obnoxious / not lame), where they include silly covers such as Limp Bizkit’s 90s hit single, ‘Rollin’, which makes them a really fun band to watch. We have to say, that their show at The Bee was the most memorable and enjoyable one under the Upfront series.

Having played Singapore and Thailand the previous nights, our resident journalist, Azam Hisham, managed to catch them right before their show at The Bee in Kuala Lumpur, and got them to share some of their experiences in touring this region, among other things.