The Wknd Sessions

#1 Azmyl Yunor

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Since returning home from his busking days Down Under, Azmyl Yunor has literally played everywhere. This prolific singer-songwriter can be found on street corners to main stages, and often plays for other bands (Furniture, Maharajah Commission, Ben’s Bitches).

His witty onstage banter, busker instincts and gung-ho let’s do it! attitude complements the down-home music he makes and colors the weary characters that populate his songs. And if you like your Bob Dylan with some sambal or your Johnny Cash with tempoyak, or a tanned Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Azmyl Yunor is your man.

Azmyl Yunor has released several self-funded EPs and demos throughout the years which includes Tenets EP CD (Apr 2005) ,  Jikalauan (instrumental CD EP, Feb 2004), Ends (Feb 2003) and The Photocopy Album (Feb 2001).

He is due to release 2 albums in 2010, one tentatively called Warga – a full acoustic album. And he’s also working on another release with his backing band, The Sigarettes.

You can purchase these songs on iTunes / stream them on Spotify, Deezer, and more.