The Wknd Sessions

#102 Dance On Your Grave

Hardcore punk band Dance On Your Grave hails from Kuching, Sarawak. Formed in 2009, the five-piece act comprises of Jane (vocals), Kebek (guitars + vocals), Lawrence (bass), Jason (guitars) and Adud (drums).

Dance On Your Grave’s music is raw, hard-edged and driving, yet still manages to remain fist-pumpingly anthemic. The twin vocal assault by Jane and Kebek marries well with the chugging guitar riffs and propulsive rhythms. They’re definitely an act you have to watch live to get the full experience.

They’ve been a part of Kuching’s hardcore punk scene from the early days. The scene itself is still pretty much underground, but it’s burgeoning and seeing a lot of growth, and there’s a strong sense of empowerment through a DIY mentality that many bands carry with them.

Kuching has always had a tradition of producing fine breakthrough acts – OAG, Noh Salleh, The Times, Relay all come to mind – and we think Dance On Your Grave is no exception. With their full-length debut record on the way at the time of this writing, they’re definitely an act to watch out for.

Check out our exclusive interview with the band and learn more about their ideals, dreams and ambitions: