The Wknd Sessions

#104 Mutesite

Mutesite is another one of those bands that you have to watch live to get the full experience. Atmospheric, emotive and full of vibrant energy – their music really sucks you in. At once grandiose and down-to-earth, Mutesite exudes effortless charisma on stage that takes shoegazing postrock and turns it on its toes.

While most music of the genre tends to be technical — let’s face it, most postrock bands tend to compensate the lack of a singer with their technique and chops — Mutesite manages to blend this aspect without sounding overbearing. The music is accessible even to a casual listener – which, we think, is a great feat on its own.

With a brand new EP released at the time of this writing, which has garnered some rave reviews, Mutesite’s definitely set to go places. Check out what they’re made of in our exclusive interview: