The Wknd Sessions

#105 Najwa Mahiaddin

Najwa first announced her arrival on the Malaysian music scene with her debut neo-soul/rnb record, “Innocent Soul” in 2011, which garnered her the AIM awards for Best New Artiste and Best Local English Song for “Got to Go” from the same album.

2014 saw a new chapter in Najwa’s musical vocabulary, with the release of her EP “Aurora”. With darker overtones, Aurora also sees Najwa delve into her roots – incorporating more traditional and Malaysiana elements into her music – most prominently showcased through her track “Seri Mersing”.

And when we watch her videos on The Wknd Sessions Live, it’s easy to see why her shows are not to be missed – the powerful voice, the grace of musical delivery and that unabashed passion for music, all combine into a performance that you just have to experience.

We’re also glad that Najwa got a lot out of her experience in Berklee — it’s made her think deeply about what makes her different from everyone, and what it means to be her, and… well, watch the interview for an eye-opening insight into her world: