The Wknd Sessions

#25 The Stoned Revivals

Originally from Singapore, the band’s influence can be derived from a wide range of genres, from funk to soul to punk. Having release several demo cassettes in their early days, they released their debut “Golden Lovesongs from the Evil Island of the Handsome Tropical Cannibals” in the mid 90’s. The Stoned Revivals have also contributed their songs to various movie soundtracks, most notably when their single ‘Goodil’, appeared in the movie “12 Storeys” directed by renowned filmmaker Eric Khoo. The album also spawned a single,”Stoned Alleycat”, that went straight up the charts in Singaporean airwaves, resulting in the band receiving an award from the Composers Association of Singapore.

Fast track to 2006, founding member and vocalist Esam Salleh, relocated to Kuala Lumpur and started gigging around the city under the moniker of Slowjaxx. His migration of sorts has also brought upon a new life and lineup for The Stoned Revivals, and are set to release a new single in the near future.

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