The Wknd Sessions

#26 Dichi Michi

Not the baddest, but certainly the naughtiest of ‘rascals’ armed with instruments, ready to hit the consensual age with a rampage. That is, within lawful parameters, of course. It is hard not to notice a vibrantly colorful neon-clad unit that is Dichi Michi as they made their way onto the Wknd set. They were previously known as Georgia’s Love, but changed it to Dichi Michi following the tragic death of a friend.

They have also traded-in their clenched teeth for a flamboyant grin as all of the members have had stints in Kajangite Metalcore bands namely Avalon’s Whisper, Arsonist, Starting Fight and Calculate Infinity.  They brought with them a cheery mood, making no apologies for delivering their brand of synth-fuelled, melodic pop-punk – celebrating the trials and tribulations as well as the triumphs of adolescence.

Any attempts to render this group ‘emo’ would definitely be a no-no. It is apparent that Dichi Michi has extracted its influences from bands such as Motion City Soundtrack, Reggie and the Full Effect, The Get Up Kids, Chiodos and Mxpx, to name a few – although staunch ‘Pop-Punkers’ wouldn’t rule out The Ataris – all of which is a theme widely popularised, constantly reinvented and refined within the late 90’s till date.

Never mind the speculation on offshoots and dissipation of grass roots. In this case, as clearly demonstrated *ehem, Dichi Michi is on its own trajectory, carrying with it a style that will be cherished for years to come.

Class dismissed!

Yang benar,
Jimmy Iris *

More info on Dichi Michi here and here.

* The Wknd Sessions’ guest writer