The Wknd Sessions

#28 I/Am/Rain

They were previously known as Simon the Fag and for over seven years now, I/Am/Rain has been Kuala Lumpur’s answer to post-hardcore with a twist of midwestern indie. But make no mistake, IAR has glittered their sound with a cosmic blend of delays and ultra-sonic harmonies radiating within the ambience.

This quartet consists of former members of Elizebelle Tears, globe-trotters Utarid and current members of post-hardcore / screamo flag-bearers, Killeur Calculateur and Orbit Cinta Benjamin, and not excluding post-rock outfits KLPHQ.

IAR’s array of influences include Mineral, The Get Up Kids, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai although one could argue that the elements of Thursday, Sunny Day Real Estate and subtle hints of Hopesfall are diminutively present in their mix. Local comparisons can be Johor derived Reprisal and Malaysian Indie / Emo prototypes, Polythene. They are also professed fans of progressive psychedelia technicians, Akta Angkasa.

It is possible that many have not heard of IAR for the simple fact that the band has been in and out of hiatus for some years now. As the Wknd team has come to know, they were fresh out of the studio prior to their arrival on the Wknd set.

That being said, we can expect a release from them soon.

Karna Cinta,
Jimmy Iris

More info on I/Am/Rain here