The Wknd Sessions

#29 Sphere

Less is definitely more!

Unlike many other overly-popularised acts, Sphere has a distinctive style and carries a gamut of complex time signatures that evoke abrupt pauses, offering bursts of intense finger hammering riffage and unpredictable tempo.

What’s even more heart-breaking (for the ‘don’t knows’) about this band, is that they have simply flaunted their technical proficiency, making it look seemingly effortless. This band features former Estrella guitarist Yobe, ex – The Eleanor Shotgun Affair drummer Aiman, and Shahril Imran (a.k.a Big show) on Bass.

It also comprises of Alang on guitar, with bands such as FLU, Man Under Zero Effort, Oddstar 13, Bittersweet and The Stoned Revivals under his belt – clearly a man of many talents and worthy of his own paragraph. Their influences include Toe, ATDI, Don Caballero, Casket Lottery, Holy Fuck, John Zorn, Rumah Sakit and Shellac. And on a local basis, this band is reminiscent of Sergeant Weener Arms, Custom Daisy and Polaris.

It is indeed a brave step for this band to head in this direction, which makes it nothing but noteworthy. It has already garnered a following after making an impression when opening for Italian screamo outfit, La Quiete a few months ago.nIn retrospect, this band has been eluding below the radar, playing gigs to small crowds of like-minded esoteric types in jam studios. They have no release till date, so don’t hesitate to savor this video!

Written by Jimmy Iris

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