The Wknd Sessions

#30 Akta Angkasa

With barely a word uttered in their masterpiece, this band has fully utilized their remotely impressive skill set.

The band made two trips to harness the sonic and partially Malaysian-made backline system on to the set. The arrangement of their entire studio, on the other hand, is similar to a chemical lab setup. Quick comparisons for this band are the proggy experimentation of Mars Volta, ‘90s grassroots hardcore punk of Frodus and the post rock of God Speed You Black Emperor.

The bands main man, Zul, has been active in the underground circuit for some years now. He was formerly a member of emocore maverics FITRAH and the current drummer of Noise/Slugecore heroes Kah Roh Shi.

The bassist, Ned, was from an Ipoh grunge band Scandal 26. Ned was also a sessionist for pioneer Perakian melodic indie/emo band – the Elms Kids. The roots of the other band members, Mamil and Fie, are just as mysterious as the abominable snowman.

Enjoy Akta Angkasa.

Dengan Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas,
Jimmy Iris

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