The Wknd Sessions

#31 Narmi

Emerging stagefront, different from his usual spot onstage which is behind the drumkit, Imran mirrors his name and along with that the sounds that he is popularly known for, the tight and thumping localized pop punk of One Buck Short, to sing his personal compositions, with guitar in hand, as Narmi.

From playing major award shows with what could be Malaysia’s first indie superband, A.P.I. to performing his own MET10 topping single with his own backing band, Narmi serves as an outlet for the artist to explore other disciplines of the music making process. Let it be given to the artist that he has done so pretty impressively. His rhythmic, simple and sweet lyrics and his occasional vocal flips into falsetto in Whirl makes us wonder how long he’s been hiding his writing and singing abilities from fans who’ve known him for his exceptional pop punk drumming.

Narmi has garnered much love and respect from audiences in venues like No Black Tie, he’s also ventured into radio airwaves with his single Whirl and created quite a buzz amongst listeners.

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