The Wknd Sessions

#32 David Knight

After the premature breakup of his ambient rock project Day One Symphony (after releasing only one EP and a tour with Dredg and Circa Survive), David Knight was moved to set out on a journey that would later change his music significantly. A solo traveller from San Jose, California, David Knight has established quite a connection with the Malaysian music scene. In fact it was during his time here while travelling Asia by himself that he realised his musical endeavours should be continued as a solo effort. Mandala, was his first release as a solo artist and Malaysia was the social setting to most of the creations in that 10 track EP.

After releasing another EP, The Sensation Of Flying, David Knight returned to Malaysia with much reception from both Malaysian audiences and his friends in the Kuala Lumpur music scene. In Malaysia, David’s played shows in No Black Tie, Laundry, The Annexe and Cloth and Clef. His high involvements in the Malaysian singer songwriter circuit has brought significant difference to it, being perhaps one of so very few solo singer songwriters to perform with such multi-textural dynamics in his sound. Combining electronic samples, live looping and some acoustic instruments in his live performances, David Knight gives a fresh meaning to the popular idea we have of a singer songwriter in Malaysia.

David is now writing and recording his next album here in K.L. Head to his bandcamp page to listen to or purchase his releases, Mandala, The Sensation of Flying and Evacuate. Also, his travel experiences are recorded here.