The Wknd Sessions

#33 Hello, Is This The Band?

An exuberant band, Hello Is This The Band represents the newer wave of music tastes in popular music. Their youthful and high-spirited sound, emblematic of present-day high rotation rock, has earned its place in playlists of a growing fanbase from all around Malaysia.

Recently signed to the eastcoast record label, Gegey Music, a label known for supporting young guns like metalcore mischief-makers The Padangs and For Better Endings, Hello Is This The Band has played shows hosted by Bodysurf Music in Ipoh and other nu school (or rather school holiday) gigs in various states around Malaysia. With releases after releases since formation in 2007, gigs from state to state and an album coming out real soon, Hello Is This The Band is a growing band, and watch as their songs grow on you.

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