The Wknd Sessions

#34 Johny Comes Lately

As tight and full of energy a ska band needs to be, Johny Comes Lately is the perfect collective to up the spirit and restore the skankin’ fun that Malaysian gigs have been missing for so long. No strangers to the local ska/punk scene, it’s time for Johny Comes Lately to be introduced to music lovers outside that scene who are tuning in to The Wknd Sessions. We at The Wknd are sure, there isn’t a sound more universal than the Ska sound. Especially that of Johny C. Lately’s.

Playing mainly pretty fast ska punk, the seven piece band manifests a strong understanding of necessary root ska disciplines while also injecting their own creativity with some twists here and there. Their song ‘Johny’, a track from their self titled EP starts with a cool slow swing intro cleverly transitioned into some sly 2 tone ska in the style similar to that of Ska grandaddys The Specials. Crafted with moving strength in it’s lyrics and melodies and delivered with infectious fun, JCL’s songs ought to be witnessed live, while skanking and singing along.

With the true spirit of ska that these boys have, and the spirit of unity that comes along with ska, this band should be gracing more gigs around town, infecting metalheads, punkers, indie, pop or underground indiscriminately with their skankin’ fun music. Head to their Facebook Fanpage or their other space to find out where they’re playing next, or to book them for your would be super fun gig.