The Wknd Sessions

#36 Bittersweet

Bittersweet is probably one of the most successful indie bands today. A steady and an ever growing fanbase, a distinctive sound, shows that always delivers and impacts audiences, an upcoming sophomore album that, safe to say, is looking like a possible milestone amongst Malaysian indie releases.

The momentum of Bittersweet’s progress seems ceaseless considering the pace they move in and the strength with which they proceed with. But like any other successful band, their journey has in fact been bittersweet. Having to go through a major change in lineup that saw the departure of their frontman Pijie and rhythm guitarist Hafiz, Heri (lead guitarist and main songwriter) and Emai (keyboards) remained steady and continued on with a whole new set of yet again perfect chemistry, now with Fizan on vocals and Moon and his Rickenbacker fulfilling second guitar duties.

Bittersweet’s breakthrough sound is the success of blending 2 different music cultures together so perfectly in their music, mixing local 60s Pop Yeh Yeh references and sincere love for Brit Indie style and sound in their compositions without making it seem like it was force fed and choked with the idea of mixing different worlds, which we know, often turns out to be lackluster. Bittersweet’s sweet combination however, is indeed, a perfect match.

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