The Wknd Sessions

#37 Partimelovers

Dominating shows with feet moving, head bobbing post-punk energy, Partimelovers is a pleasant surprise and a band on the rise. They’ve been talked about and been introduced in the deceased JUNK magazine, they played Urbanscapes, Laundry and several other tasteful shows, pulling intrigued and curious music tasters who had heard them through the grapevine, or surprising gig going, scene supporters who had never heard of them at all.

A comparison to post-punk pioneers Joy Division is unavoidable. Partimelovers has that eerie guitar sound and that passive disco-like drum beats while singer Zulfadli sometimes sing in a low baritone, reminiscent of the late Ian Curtis, only a little bit melancholic rather than dark as how Ian was more of. Zul’s singing has this emotion somewhat similar to a Conor Oberst sadness, while some lyrics are shouted to deliver that post punk energy and a little Partimelovers originality.

Partimelovers has the right ideas and good bands inspiring them, surely. With such ideals, this band has the potential and an exciting future. Given enough love and the right support for them to keep on keeping on, this band could surely find their breakthrough sound. Head to their facebook or soundcloud page to listen to their other recordings.