The Wknd Sessions

#38 This Is Atlantis

With a magnificent aptitude for texture and a distinctive blend of both the intricate and organic, Fadzil, Wan G, Sufi and Noor’s chemistry makes them unmistakably This Is Atlantis. Guitar works that complement each other with each own’s unique style, sometimes uniting to deliver strength in a single guitar pattern to give their music trouble free dynamics, edge and that definitively post rock climaxes. Their drummer, quite decisively seems to refuse to give in to the atmospheric soundscapes solely, and chooses to escape by giving those ethereal melodies some little mathy calculative madness. With each member’s unique style, an arguably genuine sound arises.

While the possible existence of a genuine Atlantis remains mythical, the four men of This Is Atlantis surfaces from the nation across the ocean from us and affirms their existence with that strength in their sound. Although the boys have hardly an enough amount of releases to satisfy the regional music hunter’s thirst, there are a few tracks available for streaming on their Myspace and plenty of videos of their live gigs on their Facebook Page. One could also mail order their split CD with Nazark from Utarid Distro’s website. They play rather frequently in KL’s small though diverse and accepting scene, so we at the Wknd will be sure to keep a lookout for upcoming ones, as we all wait in anticipation for a release from the men of This Is Atlantis.