The Wknd Sessions

#39 They Will Kill Us All

With the sort of tonal palette that commands emotions in their sound, They Will Kill Us All has developed and made a powerful presence with their music. Distinctive and decisive, the band’s hard work and the commitment that they’ve put into their music definitely deserves the success and recognition that they have achieved over the past few years since their inception in 2003.

The band’s discipline and professionalism reflects in their musicianship. The hard and emotionally driving guitar sounds coupled with Ihsan’s tight and thumping drums are emblematic of their seriousness and determination to make music that is everlasting. Now recording a new release, the band has let out a few tracks on their Soundcloud page.

Whether they’ll be included in the upcoming release is uncertain, but what’s evident is that they’ve made some amendments that will drive their sound into a much different direction than their last release, the masterfully produced ‘Secret Episodes’. Follow their Facebook page where you can receive news on their much anticipated sophomore release first hand.