The Wknd Sessions

#42 Busco

Since the huge commercial success of the tiny pop punk trio in our small but evidently lucrative music scene, it has seemed that it doesn’t take all that much to make it here as an indie musician that actually pocket some fairly big bucks and generate per annums for the briefcase bearing. But then, this year, we found Busco. Five creative, talented and sought after musicians whom upon joining the league of corporate favourites, would relieve us from cringing too very often whenever we put on the radio or television, giving some respectable musicianship and creativity to that commercial avenue of music.

Part faux indie in some bits of their track-list (check the song ‘Deep Breath’ with its Gibbard/Owl City-like vocals and electronic generated melodies), part pop-punk/emo and some bits edgy, new age metal-ish pop rock ala Incubus, Busco’s style is made up of a multitude of adored genres, thus their potential to engage a vast majority of young music lovers. And what’s great about them is that, wide appeal isn’t their only strength. The guitar licks by guitarists Samuel Oh and Shaun Xavier are sharp and exciting. The drum patterns by drummer / multi-instrumentalist Darren Ashley (who’s got some compositions himself as a solo act) are creative and accentuates his buddies’ parts pretty neatly. Basslines are solid from bassist Larry Chew and there’s also some electronic fun injected by midi programs man, Eugene Goh, who gives their songs that pleasing and upbeat feel.

Head over to their Facebook page for the tracks they’ve got on there and for updates in their extensive upcoming gigs list.