The Wknd Sessions

#43 Pesawat

Pesawat, perhaps the most recognized band on this season of The Wknd Sessions roster, is a bilingual indie rock sensation based in Ampang, Selangor. Meaning ‘airplane’, the band name Pesawat also sheds light on the type of music made (‘fast and loud’) and a dream of bringing their music all over the world. Comprising of five: Jipie (vocals, guitar, piano), Kudux (drums, backing vocals), Nizam Camel (guitar, backing vocals), Mann (bass) and synthesizer Danial Nor, Pesawat first came into the limelight with single ‘Mirage’. The single debuted on FlyFM and caught the attention of numerous radio stations, which helped propel them to fame in Southeast Asia.

Pesawat has come far since the release of ‘Mirage’; another 6 just-as-popular singles were released and are all collected in debut album ‘Take Off’ together with 6 other new songs.

They have performed in international festivals such as the L.A Lights Indiefest FestiveSound 2010 which was held in Bandung, Indonesia in March 2010; and Music Matters Live Festival, May 2010, in Hong Kong. They have shared stages with Jason Mraz, Camera Obscura (Scotland), DD/MM/YYYY (Canada), Electrico (Singapore), DJ Stepmag (France), Dappled Cities (Australia), and Indonesian acts like Mocca and Burgerkill. Drawing influences from diverse sources like Tan Sri P. Ramlee, The Smiths, and We Are Scientists, their music is a blend of melodic and percussive. Embellished with feet-tapping and hands-clapping, it is fresh and organic, and when combined with catchy lyrics and Jipie’s raspy baritone it is a distinct sound that belongs to Pesawat.

More info on Pesawat here.

text by Teo Wey Herng