The Wknd Sessions

#44 Kids On The Move

Coming to the mid point of acts in this season, we cross the border of safe and pleasant and into new territories. Episode #44 features a band from the full spirited and hard charging local Malaysian hardcore scene, Kids On The Move.

Hailing from the music laden town, Klang, KOTM could not be anymore strict about the issues of moral oppression and youth corruption that they bring forth in their songs. Pairing lyrics of angst and introverted battles of morality with some hardcore punk influences and some melodic hardcore sounds comparable to that of later day Comeback Kid’s. KOTM incites incredible spirits within youth to remain principled and headstrong with their songs. Garnering them immense respect and a loyal following of rowdy and respectable young guns.

Formed in 2003, Kids On The Move never stopped charging forwards with plenty of releases under their belts including 2 compilations, a split and an EP. Their latest release would be the album titled ‘Changes’. An album that acknowledges the frequent change that’s happened in their musical journey with a set of songs that prove their uncompromisable principles and spirit.

Today, Kids On The Move are Dean, Kaza, Caca, Syahmi and Minn, five guys who are a major force when together on stage and who emit such strength on record. Check that out on their FB, Myspace or their PureVolume. They’ve got a Tumblr site too where they post updates on the band and on the movement of the local hardcore scene.