The Wknd Sessions

#46 Love/Comes

Packing their gears and that huge shoegaze sound all the way from Kuching town, Love/Comes are Malaysia’s ambassadors of the early 90’s noise pop/shoegaze brand of rock made cult status by bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine.

So true to their influences, a multitude of gears almost as complex and particular to that of Kevin Shields’ are lugged around. From slews of effect pedals to vintage amplifiers, the 3 guitars in the Love/Comes’ setup piles pitch-bending, articulated noise into a huge towering sound that’s near impossible to mimic.

Singer Reynold sings in echoing, paper-light range and accompanied by the hard hitting noise of the guitars in ‘Reservoir Boys’ along with the repetition of the song’s yearning lyrics “I love you/ I love you ’till I die/I want you/I want you ’till I cry”, their track just would not fail to move listeners with such heavy impact.Their post punk tracks on the other hand, like “Ellis Road”, pulls out listeners from that warping wall of sound and gets the listeners moving (like Curtis, if you will).

Maintaining the momentum in the rarely-active-but-highly-productive scene in small town Kuching may be a little hard, but these boys keeps the love going by organizing self-funded gigs with other eager bands in Kuching and recording as much as they can.

They’ve got a split released with KL post punk friends-of-the-band Partimelovers, called Paraphernalia. Check some tracks out on their Myspace and Facebook.