The Wknd Sessions

#47 The Great Metropolitan Expressway

Consisting of a live lineup of 7, with many of those members playing multiple instruments, The versatility of the member’s musical capabilities make The Great Metropolitan Expressway as unpredictable as they are fun to watch.

TGME’s diverse instrumentation include a synth player who sings, a horns section that wails and guitarists that switch from electric to acoustic to at times, even a cello. The members play along to sequences and samples by programs guy Izzy, who also injects some analog drums on the tracks to give it that progression in force and intensity.

Their brand of music? pretty unclear. TGME emit exploration through their sound. Experimentative and adventurous but lacking in definition, the band are now in the studio, recording. Soul searching, so to speak, and meticulously finding that distinctive TGME sound. Young, determined and so serious about their craft, we are certain a release from these guys would either match their gripping live set, or better. With their particular attention to arrangement and sound physics, we’re betting on the latter.

Follow them on Facebook or Vimeo, where you could catch many of their live videos, which are pretty well produced and is perhaps the best documentation of the band’s music for now. Follow them on Twitter too for updates on their release.