The Wknd Sessions

#49 Man Under Zero Effort

Jazz influenced prog rock band with the proficiency,edge and attitude to gatecrash the buttoned up party of the current independent scene. Man Under Zero Effort is a band that believes in technical instrumentations and the love for the underground gigging scene as their fun factors.

Once members of different bands in the Bukit Bintang grunge scene (or as they call it, the “B.B. Bundle Rockers” scene), each member is dominant in contributing to their style and stage presence. Lead guitarist Tok spends most of his time at his job as sound engineer with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, attending to persnickety musicians’ demands at work and venting the frustrations after. With Aki on the other guitar, they add heavier edge to their own harmonics, but not without being inspired by the virtuosity that Tok is forced to observe all day long at work.

Making up the solid groove section are bassist Dedek who’s basslines are phat,heavy and at times slapping sharp, accompanying the drumbeats of drummer Alang who refuses to rest on regular rock drum patterns, always sure to create energetic pattens of his own.

Man Under Zero Effort are headliners in their own right at the gigs they play. Never forgetting that they own the stage when on it, knowing fully their rights to do as they please when up on stage. Check their FB page for updates on the next one coming up and their Myspace to listen to some of their older tracks.