The Wknd Sessions

#50 Relay

A fairly new band with significantly seasoned members, Relay is the perfect band to kick things off this season. Keeping on and keeping the baton within the Brit Rock influence that the members themselves have had a hand spreading in the local scene, Relay’s members have played major roles in the shaping of the independent music scene here with their involvements in past bands.

Emblematic of keeping true to the most crucial shapers of one’s music and identity, and staying true to those influences even during their rebirth into music at a time of many changes and developments; Relay is a current band symbolizing a major era in Malaysian indie music. With the depth they’ve garnered over the years in writing, composing and playing to tens of thousands of people in both the underground music scene and the mainstream, Relay can hardly be irrelevant, and themselves a fine bunch to hope dominate airwaves in local music.

Making their transition from the time of tapes to CDs and now the digital format, Relay is looking to release another single, ‘Oksigen’, after their first, which instigated much curiosity, ‘Provokasi’. Both tracks can be heard on their Soundcloud page, or the radio actually. Seeing that ‘Provokasi’ has been playing on air for 9 months and counting, Relay’s definitely a mainstream prospect we can root for. Hook yourselves up to their FB page and keep up with their developments.