The Wknd Sessions

#51 Pitahati

To presume that Pitahati is strictly a jam band is a mistakened notion. Lugging their own set of gears and vintage backline to shows, they explore, for all intents and purposes, selectively through a multitude of sounds. Often letting themselves stray far and deep in their search of the right ring, Pitahati songs are a combination of quick pattern changes, guitar licks and psychedelic chord progressions coupled with lyrical Bahasa.

This “prosa prog” combination of styles revives and advocates a rock movement that is mindful of the indomalay roots. With the track “Bintang Biru Kristal Salju” seeming well on its way to being a recognized hit, we feel Pitahati would be worthy of a stadium gig (or the Lake Gardens Amphitheatre, at least) one day and perhaps reviving the same amount of love for rock music the way local rock giants from the 80s or neighboring Indonesian rock giants have done.

Curated finely by the boys themselves, their EP launch recently proved to be an engaging experience. Combining music, visuals and even theatrical sketches and monologues, the band, with respect for “nusantara” expressivity, provided an interesting light on the shapes and sizes of the possibilities of shows and how far the lines could be stretched in the scene. With implications of such ideas on shows already, perhaps these boys really could be the “Revolusioner”, as the song suggests.

Jump on their FB train, where you could check some songs off the EP, if you will.