The Wknd Sessions

#52 Asmidar

In keeping in the spirit of forming the ideal mainstream, we present one artful and powerful lass who’s already shooting her way up to stardom. Asmidar’s already wowed both prime time audiences and critical music snobs alike, swept the main prize in Malaysia’s spinoff of The Voice and has even topped commercial music charts with her track “Biar Sampai Ke Bintang”. Like the ideals of the song, this artist believes in letting her craft reach for the stars.

Invited to sing for RTM’s orchestra at the mere age of 12, her classic tone of voice already represents the glory days of Malaysian pop music, reminiscent of the vocal tonations of Saloma or Rafeah Buang, but with added range. Her compositions place this vocal prowess of hers in exactly the right places too, and amongst the engaging dynamics of her amazing band of musicians.

With a mix of instruments of both modern and traditional, Asmidar forms a worldly fusion of ethnic and modern sound, similar to bands like Beirut or French/Finnish band The Dø. Her performance, nothing short of gripping.

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