The Wknd Sessions

#53 Ferns

Like the plant of it’s namesake, Ferns’ music is always pleasant to have around, isn’t it? From their first release “On Botany” to their recent “Fairweather Friends”, the band’s sound sends listeners out in the park running around in tweedom, mildly uplifting twee pop fans no matter what the actual listening environment is like.

Ferns have been maintaining a steady following over the years and much love from fans and critics alike, their recent album release marks their continual love in making music as a collective, which is almost so apparent in their fervent compositions. Head to their Bandcamp where you could listen to or purchase their highly regarded “On Botany”, and their lovely new one, “Fairweather Friends”. You could also ask the band how their day is going or engage yourself in some back and forths on their FaceBook or Twitter account. Pleasant listening, music lovers.