The Wknd Sessions

#54 Francis Wolf

True to the nature of folk music, Francis Wolf sings as ‘Joe Public’, for the ‘Joe Public’. Singing things familiar and relatable, Wolf and his music are connected and very attached to life in general, and life particularly to the context of living in Malaysia. A singer songwriter that isn’t merely confined to the high end acoustic walls of upscale restaurants cum music venue, Wolf was himself a regular face in the underground gigs of KL in the 90s, singing for the then crowd favourite Spunky Funggy.

Joining the likes of Azmyl Yunor and Meor, Francis Wolf is the kind of songwriter that perhaps envisions his songs being played humbly to listening, rushing passerbys alike. With his guitar in hand, Wolf’s music has a sense of freedom to it, the freedom to play music, to be accepted, disregarded, or simply just to be.

You can write to him, purchase his CD on his Facebook page. Follow his Twitter account, read his tweets from the streets. Don’t forget to walk up to the guy and say hey if you hear his song “Kampung Boy” being played outside while going about your day. Most of all, enjoy this performance by Francis Wolf, mic’d up and live on The Wknd Sessions.