The Wknd Sessions

#55 Figure Of Speech

Here’s a first for The Wknd Sessions. Our very first emcee on the show, Shinji Moriwaki, or Figure Of Speech speaks and says it clear and loud like screams going through a megaphone. But with rhythm and flow, of course.

Performing with a beatboxer, the ‘acapella’ backing, if I may, complements Shinji’s music as good as how pin drop silence complements spoken word poetry. Shinji annunciates, delivering each word clearly, and delivering clarity with each word, hitting listeners’ consciences and making them wonder how they could have missed acknowledging the major issues that plunder the harmony of global societies.

In the local music landscape, Figure Of Speech collaborates and makes interesting use of the unity we have in the scene. Look up his Youtube page for work that he’s done with bands. Follow his Twitter account too, where one could find themself aware.