The Wknd Sessions

#56 Second Combat

Second Combat are probably one of the most well-known and recognisable hardcore acts in Malaysia at the moment. The band, made up of Ein on vocals, Palie on drums, Atoq on guitar and Arwith on bass, draws influence from legendary hardcore acts such as Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits, ever-lovable gang shouts and all, and marries these influences to a keen sense of melodicism that has slowly but surely come to the fore over their past few releases.

Staunchly straight edge, Second Combat have always, even at their most critical, expressed their idea(l)s in a positive-perhaps even inspirational-manner, avoiding the inward-looking negativity or “screaming at the wall” antics of much punk and hardcore. This positivity is reflected in their music; between the “all-together-now” gang shout vocals, melodic guitar riffs and unabashedly positive lyrics, Second Combat present a form of hardcore that’s far removed from the stereotype of macho, punch-to-the-face music, burly tattooed “bros” and basement-level lyrics. Second Combat are, instead, an arm over the shoulder, a fist raised in solidarity, catharsis without chaos.

Their most recent release, Count On to Survive, is available on both CD and LP.