The Wknd Sessions

#58 Enterprise

No band in Malaysia today is more dance-y than Enterprise. In that, the boys transcend genre specifications and endorse music that’s enjoyed best while busting moves without a care. Favourites in nightlife events and party gigs, Enterprise is perhaps the local band today that fits perfectly into a roster of DJs, adding the exciting (or relieving, to some) live music dynamic to club nights.

In a more musical comprehension of the band, Enterprise keeps it upbeat with a fair blend of percussions both electronic and analog, synth soundscapes and guitar melodies with their frontman’s vocal style, moving and commanding punters to move and dance.

Like a Cut Copy and Foals collaboration at times, this band in no way could have been spared from the attention of city kids today. Breaking out with a youtube video that went viral, Enterprise scored themselves a debut gig with Hong Kong’s Pet Conspiracy, followed by even more gigs with people screaming “Partay!”. Here’s their website and FB page. TGIF, lovelies.