The Wknd Sessions

#59 OJ Law

An all round band and a magnificent blend of plenty, OJ Law balances unique distinctions without it’s poise shaken at all. Songs intimate and innate as those of a bedroom musician meets with a pretty polished studio production, electronic sounds are gelled with the analog, and more distinctively in OJ Law, the alliance between the lone ideas of a songwriter constantly thinking in introverted lyrics and melodies, blends in perfectly with the sounds of a band vibing off of each other. This harmony of somewhat contrasting aspects makes OJ Law what it is in their ‘Yesterday Is a Distant Dream’ era. An album that in itself a significant release in Malaysian indie music today.

Produced and written almost entirely (save for one song, ‘Knife’, written with a collaborator) by OJ Law, the tracks from the album are compelling and sweet. When played live, the sounds and the persona come alive, and becomes an almost completely different, heightened experience of OJ Law’s music.

Visit OJ Law’s bandcamp site, listen to the album and his latest tracks there. Connect with the man and the band, on Facebook and Twitter too.