The Wknd Sessions

#61 The Pinholes

From going way back, we go even further long ago, but in the form of a revival.

The Pinholes, from Singapore, have surely dug through plenty of record collections of older generation rock and roll fans, in fascination of the styles and sounds of the kids who lived and made up the Pop Yeh Yeh glory days.

And in this fascination, The Pinholes sensationally ‘bring back the vibes’ of those 60s bands they cite as their influences. Stray Dogs, The Quest, Western Unions, are some of the bands that have been for too long absent from the references of young music makers today. Bands that are responsible for the Pop Yeh Yeh sound that was distinctive to the Singapore/Malaya region, especially that of the two southern states, Singapore and Johor, where musicians and artistes congregated.

‘Maybe there’s a line between us/Maybe we can close our eyes/The sound that rises will make you feel alright’, singer Fami Suliman sings in their number, ‘Long Live Rock and Roll’.

For whatever that happened to the exuberant movement of the Singapore/Malayan rock and roll days, The Pinholes are resolute in bringing back those vibes, and have seemed to be doing so as they go back and forth between Singapore and Malaysian states, already getting audiences smiling, moving and grooving. Get their EP, ‘Youth Of Gold’, or subscribe to The Pinholes via the various outlets (Facebook, Twitter) from which you’d be able to be current on their exploits. Or better yet, button up, head down to one of their shows (we hear there’s one tonight!), grab a partner, and joget lah!

text by Azam Hisham